What Is Digital Marketing?

Whenever we use the word “Digital Marketing”, we are actually referring to online marketing efforts from your brand.

As a result, if you are requesting what is Digital Advertising (DM), here is your answer: marketing financial planners

This is a practice running a business through which advertising messages are provided through online channels such as websites, mobile programs, search engines, social multimedia and emails. It helps your own brand generate interest in their products among all of their consumers.
Nevertheless DM started gaining reputation in the year 2050. Within the last few of years it has revolutionised marketing communication.

In a real sense: 

This is brand messaging (Advertisements) delivered through electronic stations such as Television, A radio station, Internet etc. Electronic stations generate, store and transfer data in the number of the number 0 or 1 )

That can happen both On the web and Offline.
If the above is valid, then

This existed since Guglielmo Marconi sent first wireless signs in 1896.
Isn’t that crazy!

Nevertheless , the simple definition of DM would not say enough about the practice of digital marketing in today’s world.

This kind of meaning is useless as technology is merely the enabler of digital marketing. Therefore let us understand what exactly digital marketing is?

Precisely what is Digital Marketing in Today’s Circumstance?

In today’s context:

That is a group of interactive marketing promotion activities which are done online. These activities help an individual or organization reach its customers and achieve its business & financial objectives.
As a result when we say digital marketing, we are essentially referring to Online Digital Marketing.

The other form of DM is high street digital marketing, which happens on other gadgets such as Radio or Television set.

I know you are not here to read about radio or TELEVISION, so I will extra you (though I have invested millions of us dollars on Offline marketing during my career).

Going forwards in this article when I say “DM”, We are actually mentioning “Online Digital marketing”, as that is what you plan to read here, right?

It is a pair of marketing activities and not merely one activity.
It is Fun and not simply one way. It permits two-way communication which is much more interesting compared to the other marketing methods. Interactivity is what distinguishes it from advertising on tv, which is also electronic but not interactive.
It happens online. What it essentially means is that the activity is carried out on the Internet or telecom networks. Though it occurs online, it can empower both the electronic or offline world. A great example of DM in the virtual or online world is email marketing or social media marketing or search engine marketing. Inside the colloquial sense when we say digital marketing we make reference to electronic or online marketing only. An example of this in the offline world is the use of tablets to showcase product offerings at a full store.
It helps someone or organization. It is useful not only for large companies but also for individuals as well, unlike TV or newspapers advertising. One can take good thing about digital advertising on small budgets as well.
It will help reach and employ the target audience. That is focused, and anybody can use multiple targeting strategies to reach their audience.
It can help achieve business and financial objectives. It is big & ROI driven. That helps achieve business & financial goals.

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