The Popular Savings Account: Conditions and Rates For 2015

by Richard Womack



Security and availability

Security and availability

Definition of LEP

The Saving Savings Account is a savings account of the family of booklets regulated by the State, reserved for people domiciled in France who do not exceed a ceiling of income which depends on the family situation of the holder.

The operation is offered by the entire banking network. It is authorized a savings book per person up to two LEP per household tax .

Revenue cap for 2015

Family quotient Revenue cap (1)
1 part $ 19,235
1,5 parts $ 24,371
2 parts $ 29,507
2.5 parts $ 34,643
3 parts $ 39,779
3.5 parts $ 44,915
4 parts $ 50,051
Additional half-share $ 5,136

(1): based on 2014 revenues for an opening in 2015.


What to do when the tax limit is exceeded?

If you exceed the limit set by the state, you must immediately notify the bank that manages your account and request its closure within one year. (Before December 31st).

Operation and benefits of LEP

It is an operation of great flexibility of use. The minimum payment at the opening is set at € 30 only. Then, the saver pays at his own pace without constraint, within the limit of a deposit ceiling of € 7,700 . Withdrawals are possible at any time at no cost.

Namely : the amount of work in progress may be greater than € 7 700 if the interest income is recorded.

The rate is set at 1.50% for 2015 , half a point above booklet A.

Formality of opening the popular savings booklet

Formality of opening the popular savings booklet

The subscription formalities are simple. Simply present yourself at your bank, equipped with:

  • Your last tax notice
  • An ID card valid
  • Proof of address

Attention : the maintenance of the operation is linked to your tax situation. You will therefore have to submit the tax notice each year to your bank , failing which you expose yourself to a closure by the organization.


Calculation of interest

Like all regulated booklets, interest is calculated every fortnight. Remember to make your deposit before the 15th or the 30th of the current month and, conversely, any withdrawal after these dates in order to benefit as much as possible from the profitability of your operation.


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