The High Functioning Narcissist

That is not hard to spot misuse when considering in the bundle of the man who stays on out all night, beverages, uses drugs, is certainly having affairs, is irresponsible with money, can’t keep a job, and exhibits both verbal and physical abuse at home. Males with these sorts of characteristics can be marked or diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder because they take no responsibility for his or her behavior or how it effects others in their lives. Although their life looks messy from the partners point of view, the narcissistic personality covers up his habit by dismissing it and focusing instead on the faults of his spouse. Although this type of narcissist may be a complete and utter inability in real life, in his imaginary world he could be destined for greatness and uses promises and a great sales presentation to keep his partner connected in. But after many years pass certainly nothing at all changes the partner commences to realize that your woman can’t built a life on empty promises and initiates change. Narcissistic Personality Disorder

With the high functioning narcissist, the story is completely different. He is often very responsible in the real world, has a good job, owns his own business, good with money management, has good credit, owns his own home, is extremely intelligent and creative, may have long lasting marriage or relationships reputations, is affiliated with his children, takes proper care of himself physically and this individual may also be a prominent member of contemporary society, the church, or included in personal or religious growth. 

With a high functioning narcissist it is difficult to discover the abuse and the malfunction. In fact partners of this type of narcissistic personality often come to believe these are the problem. Even if the high functioning narcissist will have an extra-marital romantic relationship he will make his partner believe she forced him to it. Occasionally it’s even the spouse of the narcissist who is led to being unfaithful because she isn’t getting her needs met at home. This isn’t unexpected since regardless of his appearance in society, her needs aren’t important to him. Actually they are a downright nuisance.

In my case I experienced two relationships with high functioning narcissists. They were both calm, cool and collected almost all of the time while I was an emotional basket case. Subsequent to their “perfect” appearance I faltered with my evident displays of flaw including frequent illness, major depression, changes in mood and inability to function at your workplace.

I came to the realization I was working with a narcissistic personality after I left the first relationship. I was in pretty bad shape for over 6 months and didn’t seem to be to be getting better. On the suggestion of a friend I gone to see another specialist, she recommended to my opinion, who told me my ex lover was a narcissist! The girl hadn’t met him and didn’t say “he may become a narcissist” she advised me ridiculous that My spouse and i was dealing with a narcissist. She obviously acquired enough experience to find the symptoms in the partner of a high functioning narcissist. Armed with this new knowledge My spouse and i set out to treat from the most delicate kind of abuse My spouse and i had ever experienced.

When ever dealing with these highly intelligent, high functioning narcissistic personalities they are constantly outsmarting and even brainwashing their partners re-enforcing the suggestion that the spouse is the one with the situation. The partner experience loss in energy, loss of personal power, declining self-worth and finally the losing of her ability to function on the globe. She has completely lost her traction on reality and has been absorbed in the narcissistic reality. Normally she comes to the realization her partner was narcissistic following the relationship has fallen away from each other. By this time your woman has often been changed by someone he believes as “having her take action together” since the previous partner obviously didn’t. This kind of only contributes to her feelings of worthlessness.

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