The Days of Google Manipulation Are Over

The great Old Days – The moment Google Was Able to Be Exploited

In around the past few several weeks, Google has upgraded it is indexing system to Yahoo Caffeine and has one again become best search engine out there. Certainly, even better than Ask. In addition to being faster plus more accurate, Yahoo is no longer easily manipulated by “black hat” SEO techniques. Anybody who bought incoming links from what are called high PR or Page Get ranking sites and linked them to relevant keywords issues homepage, depending on industry, could rank very highly for some pretty competitive search words. In online marketing lingo, the improvement in s. e. rankings are referred to as “increase in SERP rankings” or any variation thereof. “SERP” means “search engine results page. ” google scrape

Before Yahoo Caffeine, the search engine used to determine it is website rankings or SEARCH ENGINE POSITION rankings for a particular search by the quality of “inbound links”. The greater ranked these links were and the more of them a website had, the better your engine results would be. Makes sense, right? If the search results ranked a site highly (see below for examples) which particular site was vouching you were what you claimed to be, then, in most conditions you were. Obviously, this did not turn out to be the situation and Google needed to make a switch. 

Google was basing the value of these backlinks based on what is referred to as Google Page Rank. You can quickly look up the page rank “checker” if you would like to see examples. Web page Rank or PR is ranked on the scale of 1 to 10, 12 being the best. Since one could imagine, there are not many 10s out there; the main 10s are your Googles, etc. To some degree, link relevancy and Alexa had something to do with it, nevertheless the h. e. seemed to be manipulated by the same sites it ranked highly. To back track a second, link relevancy is how relevant a site to your industry was linking to you.

For example, if you run a drycleaners in Dallas, any list with some Yahoo authority (how much Yahoo perceives that a site is aware about a topic), would be considered a relevant inbound or incoming website link. With regards to a month and a half ago, an increased PAGE RANK (maybe 6) software site could make your ranks jump. This is no longer the truth.

What took place?

Sites with an increased PUBLIC RELATIONS or Page Rank commenced selling text link advertisings to anybody and every person. However, Google was giving high Page Ranks to sites based on the sites they’d linking into them. A whole great deal of it started with a DMOZ link. DMOZ is short for a site called “Open Directory Project” which is a very exclusive directory of websites, to put it lightly. I can only imagine the amount of submissions this site gets.

If you managed to get listed on DMOZ, Google would boost your PR as well hop your rankings in the SERPs. I’m sure there are other benefits to being included in this directory, though I have not studied the results in too much more detail.

So, if your site had a link from DMOZ it essentially was on steroids. It could pass this site Get ranking from site to site. This would have a trickle effect. For occasion, in the event that you where in DMOZ, chances are you a new very solid PUBLIC RELATIONS, perhaps a 7. After that, the included party would link to another site they own, and go this Page Rank which can give you a PUBLIC RELATIONS 6. Through each website the passing of this ranking would become less and less potent, though the owner was remaining with one heck of an end-trail.

Then, the website owner would go to what is known as a hyperlink broker and commence sloshing irrelevant text advertisings on their site. Link brokerages are no different than stock brokers or real estate brokers. They act as the intermediary between a site owner and the get together which would like to buy links. Prices on these links would fluctuate, and could enter into the $1, 000s each month. Right now there was and still is an immediate relationship between the PR of and price paid for a site link.

When selling these ads, text link companies still pitch this way of measuring, though it is not as near important as it used to be.

New Search results Giving Away High Rankings Nowadays

Yahoo updates Page Rank evaluations from time to time and nobody really is aware the exact date(s), though Excellent feeling that the fun is now over and Yahoo is not giving these rankings out easily. In the event that you were setting up to achieve a high position and sell links, it seems that mom and dad came home right in the middle of your high school graduation party. I actually have roughly 160 internet pages of sales and marketing articles (originally written) and have a webpage Rank of 4. This does not hurt my rankings or do I really treatment too much as long as my company is doing well. However, using a high ranking is to some extent of a trophy to somebody who is into online marketing.

The Fresh Google

Google is unable to be exploited via buying text message links and slapping some content on your website. Now, Google seemingly put lets importance on-page Ranking and more importance on relevancy of your links as well as their Alexa Rankings. A good Alexa Ranking has an inverse relationship to PUBLIC RELATIONS; the lower the Alexa ranking, the better. To get Google this is probably a more effective way and it reduces the authority and influence that links from random, high ranking sites had on the search engine and its subsequent ranking system.

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