The Cristiano Ronaldo Drama Continues

Very well, it finally happened. The nonsense with Cristiano Cr7 has reached the point where it is similar of a serialized tv set drama, and an extremely predictable one at that. Picture the key players: Ronaldo, the young, appealing hero; Manchester United, the woman who currently has him; Real Madrid, the woman chasing him; TIMORE, the frustrated school formal; and Sir Alex Ferguson, the father of Stansted United. And here is the current installment…. pinoy tambayan teleserye

Cr7 (as Real Madrid is an abbreviation for by smiling): I avoid love you anymore, Stansted United. I want to be around Real This town now.

Real Madrid: That is right; he wants to play for a real team. 

Manchester United: She has mine! You can’t have him! I don’t want you conversing with Real This town anymore, Ronaldo. I avoid even want to notice the name emerge from your mouth!

Real This town (as Ronaldo stands by tight-lipped): That doesn’t change anything. Everybody knows where his heart truly lies.

Stansted United: FIFA, did you hear Real Madrid? Perform something about it.

TIMORE (sounding plainly exhausted): Stansted, Real Madrid hasn’t done anything wrong. However, This town, you do recognize that you are toeing an unhealthy range.

Alex Ferguson (whispering fully enough that Manchester Unified can hear him): If perhaps you let Ronaldo go, I am out of here and I will not likely have anything more to do with you.

*Screen fades to black on all the key players*

And, yes, that about covers the news on Ronaldo soon. He’s still quietly allowing it to be known that this individual wants to move to Spain. FIFA has made it clear that thus far, Real Madrid hasn’t already done anything wrong. Generally there has been no break of contract, and so legal action can’t be considered against the club. In a move that may seem like it was suitable for the only purpose of appeasing Manchester United, however, they have sent Real a warning. Of course, since all that has really happened until now is talk, the warning hasn’t changed nearly anything.

Actually all it seems to have done is pushed Real Madrid to do things through more official means. They are reportedly getting ready to make a bid of up to? 75 mil for the winger. Actual Madrid is ready to put their money where their mouth is, and it’s starting to get people to wonder if the powers that be at United can, in fact, be bought.

A single of the main people wondering about that truth is Friend Alex Ferguson himself. He is somewhat leery that Usa might sell Ronaldo off if the price is correct, and that they would do so without bothering to talk to him. While he basically completely against selling the winger, he can furious that he might not be consulted.

The entire situation was turning into a bad joke before previous week. Now they have degenerated into a pathetic justification for a soap internet explorer. Watching the whole thing unfold is this summer’s guilty pleasure. Someone needs to tell both refined and reality television set to move over. For real entertainment, all one needs to do is pay attention to this summer’s football transfers.

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