Nature’s Medicine Cabinet – Secrets Of A Forgotten Age

Perhaps you have ever wondered how our forefathers and their forefathers all managed to endure without modern medicines, supplements, specialized therapies and health insurance? rocksteady male enhancement

Has traveling along the ‘path of least resistance’ been the immediate cause of our failing to remember about all of the ways that ‘mother nature’ provides for our health and well-being? 

Certainly, it would be challenging to envision life without the available technologies and breakthroughs of 21st century medicine, but some would argue that modern medicine has as much to do with contributing to disease as it does curing it. But, as self-serving as they may seem, doctors and practitioners are not alone in this pattern of ‘catch 22’s’. The pharmaceutical manufacturers bombard all of us with commercials, articles, and studies, not only figuring out a plethora of disease, but even more scary, they help manifest aspects of fear and anxiety, creating a psychological requirement of their highly profitable products.

Thus, what are the alternatives to this medical craziness?

To make sure, modern medicine is such a convenient means of coping with our stressful and demanding lifestyle that we’re not about to abandon that check of security to visit about digging up roots, waxing tree bark and augmenting exotic herbs. Who may have the time or the experience?

The things i wish to achieve through here is info an excitement of curiosity within the reader. A tease, if you will, to recollect long forgotten memories of a more natural area of human existence. As well, I want to be clear that none of this should be considered a substitute for required medical treatment, however, various alternatives can be efficiently employed for many slight complaints and therapies.

A few take a peek a few:

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – used for thousands of years to deal with a wide range of diseases and conditions. Referenced in the Holy bible, this natural substance includes a perfect balance of 19 essential minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, potassium, chlorine, sodium, flat iron, fluorine and silicon, simply to name a few. In addition, more than 85 other components can even help the body regulate blood vessels pressure, while supporting your immune system. Studies have demostrated that the nutrients, digestive enzymes, and organic and natural acids present in ACV act as a weight loss component, by safely suppressing the urge for food while increasing the human body’s metabolic rate. External benefits include:

A natural tiniest seed fighter, as well as a powerful cleansing agent.
Maintenance of healthy skin area.
Soothes sunburn.
Helps prevent dandruff.
Used as a topical solution, research shows it can even prevent baldness.
Essential Oils – a natural-medicine alternative to many common ailments with benefits ranging from topical cream antiseptics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, gastrointestinal system tonics, and anti-depressants. Right here is a brief look at simply a few:
Lavender – (medicine chest in a bottle) – potent; very effective on melts away; speeds wound healing; reduces scarring; reduces stress.

Peppermint – An excellent intestinal tonic, calming motion sickness and reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. And, did you know really considered by some to be a more effective insect-repellent than citronella, when suited for the body (rather than in surrounding air).

Chamomile – The fantastic stress reliever. Useful for a multitude of nervous conditions, and is often indicated for instances of stress in children, including teething and standard crankiness.

Eucalyptus – most often used for the respiratory system conditions, clearing congestion with coughs and colds. Calming Eucalyptus oil can eliminate most staphylococcus bacteria, present in many bronchial attacks. And, did I refer to, a powerful insect repellent?

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