My Favorite Movies Starring Nicholas Cage

Any moment I speak about some of the best actors, one person that I always feel the need to point out is Nicholas Cage. Nicholas Cage might not exactly be the best actor per ze, but I always find him to be interesting, and in general, We feel that he usually picks good scripts to star in. Busey net worth

This post will highlight some of my favorite Nicholas Parrot cage films of all time.

The first film that I will mention is The Rock. Where do I start with this movie? This film is everything that we miss about awesome 90s action films. Quotable lines, awesome action, chases, explosions and the perfect amount of laughter mixed in. 

Great film of his that occurred to be released in the 1990s was Deal with Off. This movie moon Cage and John Travolta in an incredibly original plotline, which I will not offer, but is obviously worth seeing if you like action films.

Zero set of Nicholas Cage movies would be complete and not mention Adaptation. In Charlie Kaufman written program, Cage actually plays a pair of twins, one of which is humorously named Charlie Kaufman. This kind of is a bizarre, yet incredibly enjoyable film.

One more movie on this great acting professional that I desire to mention is Matchstick Guys. In this film Nicholas Cage plays a scam artist who unexpectedly gets the surprise that this individual has a teenage child, whom he has to take under his side.

One film i certainly have to mention within this list is the movie that won Nicholas Competition an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and this film was none other than Leaving Las Vegas. This kind of film is categorized as drama/romance, but spans over and above its genre.

Hopefully there are a number of films on this list using this amazingly prolific actor that you have got yet to see.

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