How a Daily Expenses Worksheet Can Help You

by Richard Womack


 Organizing the budget is essential for anyone who wants to save money, create financial reserves and ensure a worry-free future. Have you thought about having a daily expenses spreadsheet to help you with this task?

The spreadsheet is meant to record all the money that goes into or out of your checking account, giving you full control over your finances. It can take many forms, from traditional Excel tables to more complete tools such as financial applications for mobile phones and computers.

Keep track of how spreadsheets can help you on a day-to-day basis, and get to know some models that work great for spending control!

How a Daily Spending Worksheet Can Help You

How a Daily Spending Worksheet Can Help You

Most of the time, we know exactly how much you spend on rent, college, car installment and other large bills. However, a lot of people get lost just in the small expenses of the day to day. Expenses may even seem insignificant, but when added together they represent great values ​​- have you stopped to tell how many cups of coffee you take each month? And beer with friends?

It is precisely at this point that a spreadsheet of daily expenses can make a difference. When you start recording all expenses, it is much easier to figure out where you can cut expenses and save a little more.

Daily expense worksheet templates

Nowadays, there are several options and types of spreadsheets to control the budget . Some are Excel files, others are simple Word tables, and there are still options online or per application (which we explain better in the next topic).

To help you get started, we’ve separated some of the best spreadsheets:

Spreadsheet for Excel 2007: If you are already familiar with Excel, this is a simple to use spreadsheet that allows you to control your daily expenses.

Orca Worksheet: This worksheet was recommended by Uol Economia after asking the opinion of some consultants. Worth checking, since it is also quite simple.

Idec (Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection): it is the ideal spreadsheet for those who have never made a personal budget. It contains instructions for use and definitions of terms, helping lay people become more familiar with the novelty.

Financial Applications: The Evolution of Daily Spending Worksheets

Financial Applications: The Evolution of Daily Spending Worksheets

In addition to the more traditional daily spending spreadsheet, in table format, there are also financial applications such as Lemminkäinen . The great advantage of this app, for example, is that it is integrated with your bank account, automating all the control of revenues and expenses without having to enter the data manually. Simply synchronize it to your internet banking and the application surveys all financial transactions, separating them automatically by category.

These are some tips for you to control your monthly budget using a daily expenses spreadsheet. Choose one of the options we mentioned above and start taking the reins of your financial life today!


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