Historically Flapper

The flapper dress was greater than a fashion phenomenon of the 1920’s. It was also a political statement and a declaration of independence for women by women. It all started in 1918 just after the war when females began wearing dresses that were high above the ankle joint. This was viewed as rather radical but the they couldn’t give a flying fuck. They looked to have had it with the male-patronizing culture and even started taking jobs that used to be dominated by the boys. By 1920, hemlines started rising higher and higher while waists travelled down. By 1926, some knees were actually displaying and this became the strongest women’s liberation affirmation of the decade.  Spiderman Costume

A single thing women loved about their flappers was your way these bounced and moved freely when they danced. It actually became an instrument for crazy dances to become a trend themselves. The women were practically celebrating their freedom through these dances that stripped them of suffocating restrictions as well as the stifling cordons and frills that identified fashion for centuries. Along with their declaration of freedom, they declared their lack of fear of condemnation as the men began to appreciate both the fashion and political identity that these groundbreaking dresses gave their female users. 

The basic cut of the flapper dress breathed the free spirited that pervaded the 1920’s. Hands were left to show and hang freely and the waists were allowed generous breathing space with a loose cut that would not emphasize the female figure. The attire came with bobbed curly hair and a cigarette which further symbolized the wearer’s social liberty. It is said that the time of the flappers was the barest that ladies got been, especially with pantyhose, which used to be black, now coming in beige and adding to the impression of nudity.

Flappers were mostly worn to evening occasions and came in very expensive fabrics and outrageous designs. They looked perfect as the Art Deco motion in architecture took trip. Shapes as designs were the trend along with sequins and beads. This kind of blend looked fabulous when the women danced and bead strings hanging from the shoulders and waists bounced and flew about.

Today, many shops offer vintage-reproduced flapper dresses in most their historical, political and fashion spice. Wearing them, yet , will take a little more care for their delicate fabrics, sequins and bead strings. Some retail outlets offer genuine vintage flappers but these will require even more care as the materials used will have become sensitive because of to age.

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