Growing Indoors: Gardening and the City

We have long known that there are benefits and drawbacks to surviving in a city. Urbanites get to enjoy the elegance and fast paced lifestyle that only a town can offer; while suburbanites and country folk get to enjoy more pastoral pleasures like fresh air and gardening. That’s just the way it is, right? You can’t have your cake and eat it too… home vegetable garden

To daylights get back – yes you can! A lot more people moving into metropolis are deciding to bring less difficult pleasures with their city lives, including growing their own food. Exhausted by tasteless genetically modified produce and paying exorbitant prices for organic and natural produce, city gardeners are taking matters within their own hands. 

Balconies, patios, fireplace escapes, rooftops, windowsills and even indoor growing rooms are all “gardening space” ready to cultivate delightful home produce for the most Jimmy Choo-obsessed urbanites. One of the least understood of all of these activities is inside gardening. So the most notable issue is…

So why Indoor Garden?

In the beginning, inside gardening seems like a final option. Those with no spare balcony, outdoor patio, rooftop or even home window box might finally switch to their indoor home to find a destination to garden. However, aside from it being a last say goodbye to effort, indoor gardening actually has a few advantages over gardening outdoors.

Additional control. In outside home gardens you are at the mercy of weather and environment. But also in your interior garden, environmental factors such as light, temperature and humidity are generally within your control, meaning you have more control over the final results of your garden.

No pests. Outdoor gardeners are constantly considering the bugs and creatures eating up their vegetation. Indoor gardeners hardly have to give this a second thought.

Fewer diseases. Indoor plants are also less at risk of almost all of the diseases that plants in outdoor gardens are vulnerable to. This saves all of us time and worry.

Zero weeds. That’s right! The bane of the living of the traditional garden enthusiast doesn’t bother us interior gardeners at all! Really starting to sound better and better, isn’t it?

Plants clean the air. Plants are natural air filters. They create a healthier living environment for you by filtering away toxins and chemicals in the air, absorbing them and giving off natural beneficial oxygen that you can inhale.

You can grow what you want. No, you don’t have to just stick with houseplants! Right now there are many fruits and veggies that can be grown indoors. An interior vegetable garden (and some fruit! ) can be wonderfully rewarding. Tasty, organic and natural produce does not have to be carted in from the country… you can increase it in your own city home!

Gardens embellish your home. Plants are beautiful aren’t they? The green foliage, the strong colors or delicate blossoms. With their wide array of forms and colors, they are nature’s decoration. You can create living artwork at home by combining plants and containers – from intimate to extravagant to demure… You can create the blend that is accurate for your home. And they are generally even more beautiful when you know they are growing delightful food for you and all your family to enjoy.

And perhaps the greatest good thing about them all…

Indoor Gardening is wonderful for the body and mind. Nearly indoor plants provide a more oxygen-rich environment by cleaning the air and increasing humidity; studies by the American Horticultural Affiliation have shown that spending time in therapeutic inside gardens helps to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, increase a sense of peace and well being, alleviate depression and even promote healing. And with an indoor garden, the plants surround all of us of the time!

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