Create Time Deposit with Credit

by Richard Womack


15 years of Credit Europe Bank have created the experience needed to create the optimal portfolio for the private client. Credit Europe Bank is one of the international companies that today employ over 7,000 people worldwide. With 3.5 million customers in eleven countries and well over 200 branches, this well-known bank also offers a solid investment in fixed deposits, which can certainly be described as competitive. The knowledge of the international monetary market provides an excellent basis for the best offers from which all customers can benefit.

Explained goal – customer satisfaction

Explained goal - customer satisfaction

Credit Europe Bank has clearly stated its intention to optimize customer relations and thus to the satisfaction of its customers. With this intention, almost all components of the portfolio are designed. The time deposit can be seen. A good and solid offer that either provides for a monthly distribution of interest or offers an annual interest distribution. This allows both short and medium term options to be exercised. Whatever the personal needs of the customer. The time deposits are also put together as customer-oriented as possible and offer the possibility to realize even the shortest terms. This is very good news for clients in each segment, as such short-term time deposits can generate attractive returns over the year.

Conditions for the deposit offer

Conditions for the deposit offer

With a minimum deposit of € 2,500, the fixed-term conditions are placed in the lower customer segment and thus specifically cover smaller investments. This is an opportunity for small customers that really does not make every bank available. The agreed interest income is binding for the entire term, which not only applies to the small fixed-term deposit, but is also consistent with the maximum investment of 250,000 euros. The customer can not complain about a lack of orientation, because with Credit Europe Bank a trusting cooperation between the customers and the Credit Europe Bank is really omnipresent. Account management takes place directly through Credit Europe Bank and is, of course, free of charge for the bank’s clients.

Automatic reinvestment

Automatic reinvestment

At the end of the fixed-term contract, an automatic reinvestment is offered if the customer so wishes. This is often claimed when a higher-value purchase is pending or a mortgage is to be replaced by a property. Then the customer does not need to sign a new contract again. It simply integrates the interest of the then valid market situation in the existing contract and the deposit simply continues accordingly. An option that is readily accepted even with short-term fixed deposits.


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