Classic Game Review: Space Station Zulu

SPACE STATION ZULU (SSZ) is a humorous strategy game of space station support. The Yargs are a peace loving race who like to examine and check out the galaxy they occupy. After discovering the Xhapthon Star Drive, the Yargs became very deeply included in space exploration. That they established a number of outposts where their trips could re-supply and relax without always returning to planet Yarg. Space Train station Zulu is such an outpost. Excellent 43 call crew and then you happen to be the Captain. The staff stand three month trips, in between which they are frozen in revoked animation. Right after an pursuit ship left the stop “Intruder Alert” sounded. Space Station Zulu’s sanctity has been violated by unfamiliar life forms! Frozen Games

The computer reports these aliens have three stages of expansion: spore, larva, and adult. The creatures are spread throughout the station and their numbers are increasing rapidly. Their favourite dish is “Yarg”! 

As Chief, your job is to eliminate the station of all adult and larva peculiar life forms. There are 21 rooms lettered A through U; four bassine numbered 1 through 4; and four passage hoses numbered 5 through almost eight. Access between chambers is through hatches represented little niches in the wall membrane. Rooms S and To contain suspension freezers for the crew not presently on watch. Scattered through the rooms are eight different types of guns, starting from hammers to guns.

You begin the game with four robots, of sixteen Yargs awake, and thirty two frozen Yargs. You may place the Yargs and software in any rooms. Yargs are peace-loving and not good at fighting, two or more Yargs should be put in a room. Robots are good fighters and if everything else fail can do it yourself destruct destroying everything in the room. However you only have a total of 4 robots.

To unfreeze a Yarg in rooms S or Big t, one awake Yarg must be there with no alien spores, larva, or adults in the room. Rooms S and Big t are critical because you need to include crew to combat the aliens. Till you use a system you don’t know whether it will kill the alien, have no result, or worse – “make them grow”! The best strategy is to use at least four Yargs to confront an unfamiliar. Take a look at as many tools as you can to learn which do the most damage and use only those for the rest of the game. If everything else does not work out, send a robot into a room packed with extraterrestrials and self destruct. The overall game ends when all Yargs are dead or all aliens have been ruined.

The graphics are simple, but close ups of individual rooms are incredibly well detailed. Actions are made with text statements alternatively than graphic displays. To get example: “YOU KILLED HIM or MISSED”; “KILLED A GREAT ADULT – DAMAGE: – NEEDED- “; “WEAPON OFFERS NO EFFECT”; or “WEAPON MAKES MONSTER GROW”.

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