Borrow Without Personal Contribution to Become Owner

by Richard Womack


Be aware that since the beginning of the financial crisis, credit agencies have significantly hardened their position and restricted access to credit . It has become much more difficult today to borrow without any contribution than in the past.


Indulgence with young workers

Indulgence with young workers

But each borrower is not housed at the same sign and everyone does not get the same result. For example, if you enter the workforce, it makes sense that you have not yet put money aside. The bank will be more lenient towards you.

On the other hand, if you have been working for 20 years and you are buying for the first time, she will consider that you have had plenty of time to build capital and that if you have no input, it is because you are not very sparing. She may then doubt your ability to manage a budget .

Financing up to 110%


The principle of calculating the contribution, however, deserves clarification. If you only have the funds to finance the notary fees, be aware that many banks will not consider your participation as being really contribution. You only finance the ancillary costs and not the acquisition itself.

But this will be a plus in your file.

Calculation of loans subsidized by the State in the personal contribution

Calculation of loans subsidized by the State in the personal contribution

It is not necessarily necessary to bring your personal funds to make a contribution.

In fact, some assisted loans such as the zero-plus loan or the employer loan are included, for some banks, in the calculation of the personal contribution.

Important: the PTZ can not be used to finance notary fees.


The contribution of a credit broker

If you think there are gaps in your file and you may have trouble borrowing without a contribution, you may want to use a mortgage broker.

Play the competition and favor free national brokers. These sometimes have a commercial strength that allows you to benefit from sometimes very interesting rate conditions and in many cases you escape the fees.

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