Are Robotic Lawn Mowers Safe?

If you’re standing in your entrance yard minding your own business when a robotic with three razor well-defined blades spinning at 5, 800 rpm starts sporting toward you. What do you do? robotic lawn mowers

Is this some kind of headache? No, you’re awake which is absolutely happening, so once more, what do you do?

The answer is little or nothing. It will eventually just bounce off both you and go another direction. Rather anti-climatic ending wasn’t it? That is merely the way the robotic lawn mower companies need it to be. 

The greatest concern most people have about automatic lawn mowers is protection. ‘Bots with Blades’ are unable to be safe. According to Ames Tiedeman, National Product sales Manager for Systems Trading Corp., the US vendor for the Friendly Robotics Robomower, over 72, 1000 er visits involved grass mowers in 2005. NIL involved robotic lawn mowers.

These mowers have so many safety features and shut-off triggers that it is amazing that they are actually functional.

The Friendly Robotics Robomower converts the blades off at 16 degrees, not even high enough to get a hand under. Also if a tiny hand could get under, the cutting blades are far back and recessed into a slot provided in the body. It will take creativity, not ignorance, to get to the blades while they are still turning.

Unlike drive and riding lawn mower safety devices, robotic garden mower features are certainly not easily disabled. The tilt diagnosis devices are soldered on to the key boards. However, resistance against the rotor blades and the ability of the software to halt them is measured in thousandths of seconds.

Since these robotic lawn mowers are designed to mulch there is no easy wall plug for flying debris. Small stones and pine cones do not get tossed very far and at low velocity.

Some robotic garden mowers have sonar recognition systems that if any moving objects get close they’ll decrease and at another point stop the blade before even being touched. All have some type of touch sensors that when they lightly bundle into a stationary thing that they change path. So actually getting run over is unlikely.

An additional big concern is house animals getting chopped to portions, again, no reported incidents involving robotic lawn mowers. Dogs have an inclination to chase and sound off, but not attack. A dog actually chewing up a robotic lawn mower is more feasible than a robotic lawn mower chewing up a dog.

Robotic lawn mowers move relatively slow, people and animals can simply transfer of the way. Although it requires a lot longer to mow, if everyone used them there would be 72, 000 fewer clinic visits this year.

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