3 Of The Best Deluxe Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours Out Of Las Vegas

When you’re ready to book your helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you will discover you have to choose between a deluxe and basic version. While the deluxe version costs more, it is worth the extra expense if you can afford it as it comes with some nice perks. Here are the three best trips you can choose from when you’re ready to secure your seats. Zambezi Safari Lodges

Best Vegas Tours

The first thing you need to understand is that the only tours that allow you to land at the Canyon are those that depart from Las vegas. Helicopters are not authorized to fly below the rim and land at the South Rim, so if you wish a landing travel, you’ll have to go to the West Rim, and those tours depart from Sin city. 

So if you would like to land at the Canyon, then you’ll be booking a West Rim tour. That brings us to my top recommended tour.

The Champagne Tour is my #1 pick. This helicopter tour lifts removed from The Strip and flies you to the West Casing where the chopper makes an exhilarating descent to the Canyon floor where you get out nearby the Colorado River. You’ll have a VIP experience once you land and are treated to a fun Champagne picnic. And since it is a deluxe tour, like all other deluxe tours, it comes with free cape transportation from your hotel to the helicopter mat.

The Ultimate Mega Tour

The #2 pick is the mega tour that includes the first tour along with a float trip on the Colorado Water and a stop at the popular Skywalk on top of the rim.

The Skywalk is probably one of the most popular things to see at the Canyon. Should you be heading to the West Edge anyway, you certainly avoid want to miss viewing it. This can be a massive a glass and steel viewing program that is suspended four thousand feet over a bottom of the Canyon and sticks out 70 feet past the edge of the Canyon. The experience is exciting, and the view is amazing. The head to includes VIP tickets, and that means you can trim in line and reduce your waiting time.

South Rim Helicopter Travel

My personal #3 tour is the one which goes to the To the south Rim. Even though your helicopter won’t be allowed to land there, the South Rim tour is still a good tour experience. The South Rim much more remote and the tour flies over vast wilderness areas, so if you would like something away from the tourist crowds, this can be the travel for you.

This head to is a flight that goes from the Sth Rim to the North Rim to the asian border of the Recreation area, and then back to the South Rim. This tour lets you see 75 percent of the whole National Park grounds, including the deepest and largest trench in the Canyon.

Choose Your Head to

Right now that you know the top three tours to the Canyon, it’s time to get your travel booked. Remember, if it can a landing tour you want, book a Las vegas tour and go to the West Rim, but if you wish to see pristine wilderness scenery, book a South Rim tour out of Tusayan. Want to buy your tour at least two weeks ahead of time and just use your credit card to buy it online. That way you may the best price on your tour. Since these are all deluxe tours, you’ll get to fly on the EcoStar sightseeing chopper that is quieter and convenient than the fundamental helicopter, plus the EcoStar has stadium-style seats and a huge breathtaking viewing window for spectacular views.

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